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Marking A Milestone

Last Sunday, we got a call.

A 7- month old boy had been brought to the hospital for Bronchopneumonia. After merely 7 months of living in the world, he was already dying.

A team from Kalipay, headed by Executive Director Mhel Sillador, rushed to Cadiz City, which was a couple of hours away from where they were when they got the call.


When they got to the hospital, the grandfather was crying, begging the team to take his grandson. Weeping helplessly, he said that the child’s mother had died shortly after giving birth, and since then, the old couple had been taking care of him. Both elderly, and sickly, they found themselves unable to find a way to cater to the growing needs of the child. Kissing his grandson on his forehead, he begged the team to take his grandson and give him the good future he and his wife would never be able to give him.

So the team bundled up the kid, and took him home as the 4
th kid to be rescued in just three days.

And just like that, Kalipay marked a milestone. Just like that, Kalipay welcomed the 100
th child in the family.

It seemed surreal. 100 children! The idea of having that many children to take care of is amazing. After all, we endeavor to rescue as many children possible to give them the love and happiness that they were deprived of but so greatly deserve.


But the idea of having 100 children is just as equally frightening. It means 100 times the responsibilities of parenting a child. It means having to own up to the challenge of making sure that each child gets beyond more than just the basic necessities; but actually ensuring that each child is able to grow to reach his or her potentials. This means constantly making sure that we have enough resources to manage our homes, and to provide for these children’s needs.

But most importantly, it means yet another chance to hold a tiny little hand from a beginning of another journey: to watch that hand push off the ground as it steadies its owner as he tries to stand up on his own for the first time; to see that very same hand learn to grip a pencil and write squiggly lines. It means seeing that hand glide through the smooth surface of a canvas as it paints a beautiful picture. It means having to hold that once tiny hand, that now belongs to a young adult, and reassure its owner that we’ll be with him still. Eventually, it means having to let go of that hand as he tries to find himself. And hopefully, it means having to see that hand being extended to another person who needs help because its owner knows the importance of being of help to others.

Last Sunday, we got a call.
We rescued our 100th child, marking a milestone.

Last Sunday, we got a call – a call that jolted us to feel both happiness at the thought of embracing yet another child and anxiety at the prospect of having to make sure that we can indeed take care of that number of children.

Last Sunday, we got a call. No, more than just a call, more like a silver lining – despite the challenges that we have faced and continue to face, we are part of something beautiful, sacred even. We are yet given the chance to transform a life.

And the truth is, once you are part of something where you get several lives transformed, you end up wanting to see more.