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What Kalipay Stands For


Children are gifts to families. Born to families with both resilience and vulnerability, they are entitled to have their basic needs provided. But taking care of these children goes beyond just providing their needs. Taking care of these children also includes creating a safe environment for them to grow up in; an environment where they can enjoy their childhood and learn how the world works until they can become fully-functioning members of the society.

But the harsh reality that we all need to acknowledge is that not all children are being taken care of. Several children are being deprived of their basic needs. And not only are they not given the things that they deserve to have, but they are also being deprived of a safe environment to grow up in.
One just needs to look around to see that this happens.

Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc. is a foundation dedicated to letting these children’s stories be heard. This organization aims to stand up for this children in a society that continues to stifle their voices. Kalipay does not only strive to make people aware of this sad reality, but also provide the warmth that a family does- not for any other reason except simply because that is what each child deserves.

Happiness is something that each child should get to experience. After all, each child will eventually become members of the society. Childhood is the formative stage of any individual’s life. If our aim is to produce good members of the society, there is a need for them to experience being children – to be safely enclosed in a family’s embrace away from cruelty and neglect.

This is what Kalipay stands for. Kalipay is dedicated to give these children the chances that they were deprived of. Kalipay strives to get the word out that it is never okay to hurt a child. That it is not enough to be aware of the staggering statistics of disadvantaged children and that there is something that can be done to make a difference in their lives. Kalipay works hard to abide by these beliefs and to stick to the promise that it would never leave a child behind.