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Marking A Milestone

Last Sunday, we got a call.

A 7- month old boy had been brought to the hospital for Bronchopneumonia. After merely 7 months of living in the world, he was already dying.

A team from Kalipay, headed by Executive Director Mhel Sillador, rushed to Cadiz City, which was a couple of hours away from where they were when they got the call.


When they got to the hospital, the grandfather was crying, begging the team to take his grandson. Weeping helplessly, he said that the child’s mother had died shortly after giving birth, and since then, the old couple had been taking care of him. Both elderly, and sickly, they found themselves unable to find a way to cater to the growing needs of the child. Kissing his grandson on his forehead, he begged the team to take his grandson and give him the good future he and his wife would never be able to give him.

So the team bundled up the kid, and took him home as the 4
th kid to be rescued in just three days.

And just like that, Kalipay marked a milestone. Just like that, Kalipay welcomed the 100
th child in the family.

What Kalipay Stands For


Children are gifts to families. Born to families with both resilience and vulnerability, they are entitled to have their basic needs provided. But taking care of these children goes beyond just providing their needs. Taking care of these children also includes creating a safe environment for them to grow up in; an environment where they can enjoy their childhood and learn how the world works until they can become fully-functioning members of the society.